Máy chạy bộ BH LK 5500

Máy chạy bộ BH LK 5500

Its a treadmill with high performance, ergonomics and functionality joined to a robust and stylish design. With more effective use of the energy, it allows to register lower energy consumption for the same efficiency. It guarantees power and durability with the same consumption:

•  Quiet, reliable 3,5 HP AC motor Produces speeds of between 0.8 and 20 km/h with maximum silence. It guarantees power and durability with minimum consumption, thanks to a more efficient use of energy, which leads to a lower consumption for the same performance.

•  Innovative design with an attractive curved profile S-shaped monitor with a carefully studied slope for an enhanced view of the display and a more ergonomic posture.

•  Connection for mp3 and built-in speakers, which let the user listen to their own music while exercising.

•  Designed for users up to 150 kg (330 lbs)

•  Central electric single shaft inclination system that allows a maximum gradient of 15%.

•  Deck with lower height.  Improved accessibility for users with lower mobility.

•  Powerful double-speed fan, for a more rewarding exercise experience.

•  Band with tough, flexible, slip resistant, absorbent PVC surface. This surface is highly resistant to abrasion, mechanical strength and shock proof and it is also recyclable.

•  Shock absorbing system with 8 elastomers, which helps to prevent muscle and joint injuries.

•  Magnectic speed sensor, which guarantees a problem-free exercise.

•  Wheels, for easy transportation.

•  Monitor: DOT MATRIX screen with top LED window that graphically displays the progress of the exercise. The bottom alphanumeric display gives the user instructions before and during the exercise. The 4 LED windows at the very bottom simultaneously show information for Speed, Time/Distance, Calories/Tilt and Pulse rate.

•  Monitored heart rate: measured either by contact with the handlebar or via telemetry (Integrated POLAR compatible receiver).

G550 Treadmill LK5500

•  Easy Toolbar for quick, instant access built into the front handrail, this includes pulse rate contact sensors, one-finger speed and tilt buttons and emergency stop.

•  Programs: Manual, 7 preset profiles with 4 different levels of difficulty and intensity each, user programmable profile, Man Fitness Test, Woman Fitness Test, and Heart Rate Constant program.

•   Heart Rate Constant program (HRC). Allows cardiovascular zones to be targetted during exercise. Automatically controls workout intensity to maintain effort at selected pulse limits.

•   Man/Woman Fitness Test. Allows to evaluate the shape and physical condition of the user.

•   Customizable user program. Allows to customize and configure your own training profile.

Thông số kỹ thuật
Tốc Độ 20 km/h
Động Cơ 3.5 CV
Bề mặt chạy 155x55 cm
Độ nghiêng 15%

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